Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I used this picture for pattern because it has multiple colors and different designs in their own way for the different patterns to make one big one.


I chose this photo for contrast because the mugs all look different and contrast with each other to set the picture blurring going back.


I used this photo for emphasis because it focuses more on the head of the bug and blurs out to the edges of the back of the picture.


I chose this for balance because all the colors in the picture come together to make the white egg centered.


I chose this because it shows the different pendents and stones and how they can look good together but all be different.


I chose this for unity because the women in the picture are linked as one and coming together.


I chose this for movement because the dog is in motion and shows the scenery in the background blurred.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I chose this for form because it shows the wires forming from far away and growing bigger.


I chose this for texture because it has a lot of contrast and shows character


I chose this for line because the lines curve and do different things instead of just a normal straight line


I chose this for space because I imagine this being what I would see if i went to space.


I chose this for shape because it has many different shapes that contrast and come together to make an amazing picture.


I chose this for value because it shows different darks and lights in the picture.


I chose this for color because it is vibrant and summery and shows a lot of different tones.