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Edward Weston

Edward Weston was born on March 24, 1886 and was a great american photographer. Weston's pictures were exhibited in the Chicago Art Institute early in life, and he went to the Illinois College of Photography. Weston was also a co-founder of the group f/64. He had a real passion for photography and transitioned from pictorialism to straight photography, including mostly nudist photos but also included some nature and wildlife landscapes. His type of photography was mostly opposite of the normal pictorialist fashioned photos at the time. Edward Weston died on January 1, 1958 but completed a legacy of beautiful pictures and masterpieces. He was one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was born on February 20, 1902 and was mostly famous for his black and white pictures portraying the American west. He developed a very effective system called the zone system and it determined the contrast and sharpness of the final image. He and other photographers founded a group called f/64 and created the museum of modern art's department of photography. The group they formed espoused pure of straight photography and gives great depth of field. Adams was awarded the Presidental medal of Freedom which is nation's highest civilian honor. His photo The Tetons and the Snake River was recorded on the Voyager Golden Record aboard the spacecraft itself along with 115 others. Ansel Adams led a wonderful life full of beautiful photography but sadly died on April 22, 1984 of heart failure. His photography shaped the world's view of western photography and landscape photos and he will never be forgotten for that.