Wednesday, April 29, 2009



1. The 3 basic elements to a camera are the optical element (the lens), the chemical element (the film) and the mechanical element (the camera body itself).
2. The SLR camera is a Single-Lens-Reflex camera, it is where the photographer can see exactly the same image that is exposed to the film and can adjust everything by turning dials and clicking buttons.
3.The purpose of the aperture is to allow the increase and decrease in the amount of light passing through the lens.
4. The shutter speed on a camera controls the length of exposure.
5.To get the right exposure for a picture, you have to balance film speed, aperture size and shutter speed.
6.To take pictures outside on a very sunny day, you would use low film speed because it needs a large amount of available light to take a clear photo. Low-numbered film speed is less sensitive to light and needs more time to absorb enough light to make an image that isn’t underexposed or too dark.
7.The four steps for developing black and white film are: 1.Placing the film in a developing agent(which is actually a reducing agent). 2.Then place the film in the stop bath. 3.Next you place the film in the fixer. 4.Last you rinse the film with water, dry and cut into negatives.
8.You need drying cabinets,tongs, stop bath, developers, print paper, fixer, developer trays, and washes to make the black and white print.
9.The final image is actually developed silver.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was born on Aug. 6, 1928. and led a magnificent life. He lived in Pittsburgh as a child and had two older brothers. He developed scarlet fever in third grade and became fearful of hospitals and doctors(hypochondriac). He had an early career in magazine illustration and advertising. He later started to photograph all sorts of things and people. In the 70's he professionally photographed celebrities such as, Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli, John Lennon, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, etc. He was known as asexual because he had no feelings for any gender but only artwork. He helped create and make popular the popart effect as well. Andy Warhol died at 6:32 am on Feb 22, 1987 of cardiac arrhythmia. Warhol was an amazing photographer and has done a lot for photography and has helped it develop to the high standards it has today.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz was born on October 2, 1949 and was the third of six children in her family. Even at a young age Annie loved to take pictures. She has worked for various magazines including the, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. She has also written a book called, Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life. She has photographed many celebrities including, John Lennon, Miley Cyrus, Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, and many more. Annie has opened a wide new world for photography. Her abstract work is portrayed beautifully and her photos are magnificent. She is a creative woman with the way she captures her shots of people, and in conclusion Annie Leibovitz is a very accomplished photographer. The photo i have added as my favorite is of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. It is ironic almost because she was the last one to professionally photograph Lennon because he was shot and killed 5 hours later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009